Sunday, September 25, 2016

Christine's Try Try Again... and Things That Catch Our Attention

I had been working on a revised list of interviews I hope to have completed by May 31, 2017.
Some of the Q&As are remnants of interviews I had started prior to 2009; didn’t follow-up as I still needed to fact check, or needed to further edit.

Whenever I attempt to start Swanktrendz up again,  My thoughts always turn to Terrence Steven Lowe and his death from pneumonia, in 2011 and how, through grief, I lost my way for several years.

 You see, Terrence and I had a friendship that didn’t believe that anyone should ever feel alone, or feel left behind. If one of our group felt sad, we would send them a cheer-up surprise. One time Terry made an off-handed comment that he believed, and was so sure, that true “romantic love” didn’t exist. He felt it was something that people, mistakenly called their ability to communicate. Ever the romantic, I went on line and bought him birthday presents that would arrive for the last three weeks of November, and would all have a true love theme. It made his birthday month a lot of fun, and I almost felt bad when I confessed a year later it was me. It may not have been true love, but I did love my friend, and I had known about his unrequited feelings for me for years. For some reason we both were certain we would outlive our families, and conveniently become housemates again in the Winter of our lives.

I did love my friend for his candid observations. For our terrific debates. I loved him for explaining to me the answers to my questions that may have seemed silly to others. I loved when he talked in great deal to my son about the artistry involved in animation soon after we viewed, The Corpse Bride. Terry liked to note new approaches, styles, and contraptions that were created to assist in the progress of animation over the years.

I especially like that Terry would never offer empty flattery if he disliked something I wrote, or presented, or painted, or created... He loved me unconditionally, but not enough to lie to me about my creative attempts.

The three years prior to Terry’s death were busy. We did have a glitch when I was in Jamaica, and the server that was housing Swanktrendz didn’t automatically receive its payment; the site was shut down. No problem, once paid, the site was up and running, however, all the articles submitted from writers around the world, during the last two weeks, were deleted. That taught me to backup any articles we deemed as keepers. I also made sure to copy articles to my other sites myspace and blogger.

The following two years were busy as we went to Joe Jackson, Blondie, John Butler Trio, Eric Clapton, Concrete Blonde, Joan Jett, Spoon, Stereophonics, as well as local groups.

For some reason, when my friend, Terrence Stephen Lowe, passed. I felt the need to stop making silly observations, and writing inane articles (as if the world could see). It was then I put my childish things away.

And I began to delete self-defined, silly posts, and clean up the blog from people we hadn’t heard from in a while. I found I was not able to write with the same excitement or passion I had.

Here it is, the Fall of 2016, and aside from a couple of articles here and there, I have certainly not met my lofty declaration of articles I’d have completed (11). And, in fact, I am embarrassed to say, I have completed (1) article.

Thank goodness, you can’t see me hanging my head, and I certainly don’t miss Terry saying, “What a Marrrooon!!!”. (Thanks Bugs Bunny).

Several months before Terry died, I wasn't having any fun in my day to day life. Terry asked me out for coffee one day, saying, “No offense, but you are pretty boring when you forward to my what you are writing. You don’t care about politics, travelling, music, Vancouver interests, world affairs; you don’t even seem to like your job. Chris, I went ahead and bought another 3 years of Swanktrendz. I think you and Lezah need to sit down and determine the site’s next direction”

So, although late (sorry Terry) I am compiling the list that I had put down, years ago. As I surfed the Net, looking for headline’s to pop out at me I did notice:

,No more poor countries by 2035, according to Bill Gates. Huh?! Seems a little soon... I thought?

Then I saw the blog belonged to another man I admire, almost as much as Terry. I do not want to throw around his name, but I encourage you to check out his site. 

There's not many bloggers who can write what they believe, not stoop to trolling and hating on other sites, yet still have something worthwhile to share, as well as share it eloquently. From experience I can attest to his highly-divergent taste in music. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

As for me, I hope to receive some emails back in response to the Q&As I have sent out. Cheers, Happy Fall in 2016.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I am very surprised that I have not updated our Swanktrendz blog in over a year. I suppose I have slowed down since I discontinued reviewing music concerts, CD releases, as well as interviewing the musicians. I am actually considered getting back into writing articles, thanks to two bands who have always supplied me with their updates, as well as invite me to interview them when they play in Vancouver.

On a different note, I received an email from Warner's with a link to Coldplay's fourth single to drop from their latest album. Enjoy!